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4 things you need to know before travelling to Vietnam


1) Travel Insurance for Vietnam Travelling without an insurance is never a good idea. It seams the accidents are very common in Vietnam and other Southeast Read More »

Vietnam Traffic


Vietnam traffic is crazy for foreigners. There are a variety of transport in Vietnam as car, motorbike, bycle, cyclo. The motorbikes is the mains of transportation. Read More »

Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam


Mid-Autumn Festival or Full moon (Tết Trung Thu in Vietnamese) is on the full moon day of the eighth lunar month in every years (Normally in Read More »

How to get around Vietnam?


Vietnam is a deceptively big country where the foreigner excited to exploring from bustling city to stunning beaches and wonderful mountain. How to get around Vietnam? Read More »

Top 10 places you should not miss in Vietnam


Vietnam is a dynamic country in Southeast Asia where traditions are thousands of years. The Time Journeys offer you the vast knowledge and expertise in Vietnam. Read More »

Vietnamese Fried Spring Roll


Vietnamese Fried Spring Roll (“Nem Ran” by northerners and “Cha Gio” by southerners) is a Vietnamese dish traditionally. Ingredients used for the fried spring roll are Read More »

When is Vietnamese National Day?


Every country has a national day. So when is Vietnamese National Day? This Vietnamese public holiday is celebrated on 2 September. If the holiday falls on a Read More »

How is traditional Vietnamese Family Meal?


In Vietnam, the Family meal is very important to each family. Family meals always have many traditional Vietnamese Food which emblematizes the beauty and longevity of Read More »

How do you get a visa to Vietnam?


You plan to travel to Vietnam and you are wondering “How do you get a visa to Vietnam“?. Nowaday Vietnam has extended its visa waivers!  Citizens from Read More »

How To Reach Vietnam?


You have never visited Vietnam before. Now you plan a journey in Vietnam and you find the way to travel. How to reach Vietnam will answer Read More »