How is traditional Vietnamese Family Meal?


In Vietnam, the Family meal is very important to each family. Family meals always have many traditional Vietnamese Food which emblematizes the beauty and longevity of Vietnamese culture. It has been the unique cultural features. The image of a woman preparing dishes for family and then family enjoy the meal in joyful atmosphere gatherings. It has been always be the most beautiful and unforgettable memory of every Vietnamese away from home.

Normal Family Meal in city

In a traditional family meal, people usually sit around a round tray symbolizing the equality and attachment among family members. The picture of a family having meals together also shows that no matter what happens, the family will always give help, support and protection for its members.

Traditional Vietnamese meals often have fluffy rice, sliced meat and vegetable dishes. In order to pick up food conveniently and we use chopsticks.

Traditional Vietnames Family meal

In the past, meals were very simple and frugal. Besides rice, there were rice and vegetable dishes such as vegetable soup (“canh rau”), vegetable pickles (“dưa muối“,) and vegetable broth (“nước luộc rau”). Some time they have small fish or a little bit meat. Nowadays, due to the improved quality of life, the standard meal has significantly changed in the way of increasing animal products which are nutritious.

Traditional meal for New Year

Nowadays in some big cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, parents are always busy; they get up early in the morning and take their children to schools before going to work. Children study and lunch at schools, parents work and lunch at offices or somewhere else which is convenient for them. So the dinner is an intangible string to connect family member together and opportunities for them to share a meal and talk together after a hard day.

Meal for party

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