How to get Sapa from Hanoi?


Sapa is a small town and a tourist attraction belonging to Lao Cai prrovince, Vietnam. It is 350km from Hanoi and close to the Chinese border. But there is no nearby airport there. You are in Hanoi and having plan to visit Sapa. You wondering “How to get Sapa from Hanoi?”.Let’s see all these suggestions:

There are two ways travel to Sapa. The option for getting there is travel by road or rail.

The most travellers choose to get Sapa from Hanoi by overnight train. It is more comfortable and safer than take a bus, or a lot cheaper than hiring a private van.

1. How to get Sapa from Hanoi by train?

Travel to Sapa by train is the most popular option for every travelers. It is comfortable and safer. There are some types and classes of train to Sapa. Tourist train has four soft sleeper bed in each compartment that offers air-conditioner, white pillows, lamps for bed, blankets and mattresses. There is a toilet at the end of each coach. It is pretty but clean. It is easy to buy ticket at train station or via travel agency. The price is reasonable.

2. How to get Sapa from Hanoi by bus?

The other option to get to Sapa from Hanoi is by bus. The bus are public every morning or evening. It is faster and cheaper but consider more dangerous than taking by train. It takes around 4 hours from Hanoi to Lao Cai by new highway and one more hour to move from Lao Cai to Sapa. If you take a night bus that can help you save time and hotel bill.

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