Bac Ha Market


Bac Ha Market is on Sunday. It is 110km from Sapa. It takes around 2.5 hours by car or 72 km from Lao Cai and takes 1.5 hours by car
Bac Ha Market has existed for over 100 years. It had thrived during the French Colonial period in Vietnam. Nowaday Bac Ha market is the famous market for visiting. It only open on Sunday from 06:00 am to noon.

The ethnic minority people from H’mong and Dao wake up early around 4 am on Sundays to gather their items and set up their stalls which they will sell at market. You can find many things as colorful gruit, delicious dishes, eggs, vegetables, buffalo, cows, goats, fish and other livestock in Bac Ha Market and you will meet the ethnic minority people as Back Dao, Tay , Nung, Phu La, Flower H’mong ect…You will also inspires from delicious and famous Vietnamese food that are definitely word to try.
The most attractive at Bac Ha market is jewelry, colorful dresses of H’mong, Red Dzao, brocade cloths where the visitor can admire the hand woven paitings with vivid motifs and harmonious colors.

Visitors enjoy from colorful household items to traditional intricately made clothing, from souvenirs to the essentials for everyday life.

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