When is the best time to visit Laos?


Laos has a tropical monsoon climate. It’s subtropical in the north and in the mountains, besides it’s governed by the monsoons. The winter is good weather and a bit of cool at night from November to February. And the summer is humidity and rainfall from May to the beginning or the middle of October. Laos has 4 tourist destination as Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, Vientiane and Pakse and 4000 Islands. When you plan a trip to Laos and If you are not sure about the weather for visiting Myanmar. So you will wondering when is the best time to visit Laos? I would like to provide you the information as below:

– In Luang Prabang: From November to March when the weather is warm and dry. From June to August is plenty of sunshine and fewer tourists is the wet season.

– In Vang Vieng: From November to March when the weather is cooler and drier. From May to September are heavy afternoon rains

– In Vientiane: From November to March when the weather is dry and slightly coller. Rom March to May is hot. The tropical downpours from May to September.

– In Pakse and 4000 Islands: From November to March are warm sunny. The wetter months from June to September when is the best time for river cruising.

The best time is from October and April, It is warm and dry throughout. From November and January is best for river travel when high water levels make passage easy along Mekong River. At the end of year is the best time for visiting the Bolaven Plateau.

From May to October is green season when the rains return. At this time, the country comes to life and the waterfalls beginning to flow and the lush scenery.

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