Vietnam Traffic


Vietnam traffic is crazy for foreigners. There are a variety of transport in Vietnam as car, motorbike, bycle, cyclo. The motorbikes is the mains of transportation. Nowaday the cars increase rapid and deterioration of roads.

The rush hours in Hanoi

Although Vietnamese invest a lot in road traffic but the quality is very poor. The foreigners feel crossed the road like an adventure in big cities. In the cities, during rush hours, the street crowed, dust, smoke and loud with long lines of vehicles, motorbikes rush out of the narrow street where are ready traffic jam. The people rush to get to work for going back home. During the rainy days, the traffic is more horrible on many streets. The streets become traffic jam and impassible due to flooding. In this case, using a bike is lucky and useful to passing traffic and flooding.

Traffic Jam in rainy days

The Government organized a large and powerful of traffic police for control traffic but traffic jam happen everyday in the big cities as Hanoi, Ho chi Minh City. Government has many project to upgrade the road by open new roads, tunnels through the city and highways to reduce traffic jam.

Traffic jam cause of heavy rain

Travellers come to Vietnam will have exciting experiences when you travel along Vietnam. Cause of terrible traffic, the most travel agency take place on the road and the vehicles are in good condition, experience driver to ensure safety and comfort to their travelers.

The foreigners cross the street like a game of adventure

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